As the header conveniently points out, this site includes content on a variety of topics.

Some basic areas covered are described below, although the content will most likely stray into other areas on occasion.

  • Linux system administration
    • Slackware Linux (-current), Arch Linux, Fedora
  • Window managers
    • Awesome WM, Openbox, 2bwm
  • Miscellaneous programming projects
    • Linux and Windows 10
    • C, C++, Python, Scheme, Bash, etc.
  • CG Art topics and artwork
    • Blender, POV-RAY, GIMP
  • Miscellaneous games
    • Starcraft II, Civilization V, Terraria

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send an e-mail to lazyc AT lazymalloc.com!